Car GPS trackers are widely used, especially for the auto finance risk control industry, I believe many people know it. But some people still ask: Is the GPS tracker installed in the car and can be used immediately? If you do, you'll find that it doesn't work.

In fact, activating the GPS locator is another important step after the car has it installed. For many newbies, how to activate and use a car GPS tracker is not known. Then I will talk about how the general GPS locator is activated.

First of all, we all know that GPS positioning terminals are mainly divided into wired GPS locators, wireless GPS locators and OBD interface locators. Wireless GPS trackers are relatively simple to install, just find a place in the car to hide the device.

The installation method of wired and wireless locators is somewhat different. The wired locator needs to be connected to the vehicle power supply so that it can work continuously for 24 hours without power failure. The wireless locator is usually fully charged at one time, and the standby and usage days can be determined according to the battery size and positioning frequency of the locator.

After installing the device, go down and install the card for the device. The function of the card is to provide network transmission for the device, so that the device can transmit information to the station.

Whether it is a wired locator or a wireless locator, the steps for installing a SIM card are usually as follows:

①Open the back cover of the locator or the SIM card slot plug of the locator; ②Insert the card correctly according to the card picture on the locator; ③Close the back cover or the plug of the card slot.

After the SIM card is installed, the locator is powered on, and the wiring locator finds the positive and negative poles of the car power supply. The negative pole is easy to find. The place where the body is grounded is the negative pole. The positive pole is found in the safe, near the key switch of the car, or directly connected to the battery. Of course, it is best to find professional technicians who understand automotive circuits to install!

However, it is best to connect to the normal power supply, that is, the power cord directly drawn from the car battery without being affected by the car key switch; the lighted side of the locator should face the sky, and the side facing the sky should not be close to the metal object to block the internal GPS antenna. It also has to receive signals from 20,000 kilometers away.

All in all, the activation method of the car GPS tracker is divided into three steps: 1. Install the SIM card; 2. Turn on the power of the tracker and turn on the switch; 3. Take the vehicle or tracker outdoors for a period of time, the gps car tracker is Can be activated.

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