Suppose you have a nice big garden, but all that maintenance is a bit too much for you. The neighbors have small children and would like a little more space for that new trampoline. In such a case you could choose to sell part of your plot to the neighbours. Visit for more DHA Lahore Files.

You can easily see an overview of your plot  with the dimensions with the Dimensioning Parcel . You can  print this overview , which can be used to determine a design limit. This way you can determine together with the purchasing party where the new limit will be. 

Transfer of Ownership

All ownership of land in the Netherlands is registered with the Kadaster. Registrations in the Land Registry must be done by a notary. You must also visit a notary if you want to sell part of your plot . A deed of transfer is drawn up via the civil-law notary, which is signed by the seller, the buyer and the civil-law notary. The transfer of ownership is only complete after the notary has registered a copy of the deed of transfer in the public registers at the Land Registry. Verify that the ownership transfer went well with an Owner Report. This contains the name of the owner and the area of ​​the plot. Before or after the transfer of ownership, the plot must be divided.


When a parcel is split , new cadastral parcels are created with boundaries and parcel numbers. The boundaries of the new plots to be formed will be determined by the Kadaster. As the owner of a plot, you may divide  your plot into one or more plots without any form of permit . It is important that the destination of the split part remains . What was garden or yard remains garden or yard. Check the destination with a Destination Report, in which you can find the single destination, the permitted use, of a location. 

Set new boundaries

Splitting a plot can be done in different ways:

Prior to the transfer of ownership

Prior to the transfer of ownership, the new plot boundaries are measured on site by a land surveyor together with the owner concerned. The measurement data are processed in the cadastral registration and the new areas are allocated to the parcels. If the owner wants to sell one or more of the newly formed plots, the new cadastral boundaries, areas and plot numbers are therefore already known. 

Web Application Splits 

More and more notary offices are using the Splits web application. With this, the civil-law notary, in consultation with the parties involved, digitally draws a new cadastral border on the cadastral map. This creates new cadastral parcel numbers with provisional boundaries and surfaces. After the transfer of ownership, Kadaster will come by for a verification measurement on location, after which the provisional boundaries and areas will be finalized. 

Split after the transfer of ownership 

With this option, part of a plot is transferred to the notary before the measurement of the new plots has taken place. With the deed of transfer, the civil-law notary submits a situation drawing indicating which part is to be sold, including an estimated size. After the transfer of ownership , the new parcels are formed with administrative boundaries and areas. The Land Registry surveyor will then come by to determine the final boundaries and areas.  


Please note that the sale of part of your plot entails various costs. For example, you have to take into account notary costs and the land registry costs for splitting a plot. Each chosen form of strikers entails different costs. More information about the costs can be found on the Kadaster website.  


Did you buy your house with a mortgage? Make sure that the entire plot is also part of the collateral. When you sell part of the plot, you therefore sell part of the collateral. In most cases you will also have to request permission from the mortgage lender. Read the mortgage amount in the Mortgage Report.