Live Baccarat Evolution Gaming Play online! online baccarat It is a card game that is decided with the closest score of 9. Just guess the banker's side or the player's side will only win By judging by the score on the face of 2-3 cards only, if the side has the closest score of 9 points, it will immediately win. Baccarat online has a way to place bets, then we will explain to you as follows.

  • In the first step, the dealer must deal 2  cards  to both players on each side, Banker's side and Player's side, then the system will count down the timer for the player to place bets for 20 seconds.
  • When the timer expires, the dealer will show the cards in the first round to determine who has the highest score. Then a 3rd card is dealt to the person with less points. until finally finding a winner
  • When you land on the Player side, when you win the bet, you will get the full amount that was posted or 1/1. But if you win on the Banker side, you will get a payout rate of 95% or 1/0.95.
  • When you win bets on any side The system will add credit for you immediately. within 5 seconds